8 tips for parents about Pokémon Go

The news about this game are on alert for parents. From the geolocation and street distractions to the extreme fanaticism of transforming the world we live in a virtual matrix (much like the Wachowski brothers). What you have to know.

IIt’s hard to look at the Pokémon perspective. This is a recent phenomenon that is not enough, for starters, the entire child population but children who can access a smart phone. Still, the fate of addiction we can foresee is intense for small children and adults in the United States there are parents who baptized their children with names Pokémones and around the game industry grows and not only focused on the millennials. For example, as a shoe-in Bluetooth- mode that vibrate and emit lights to warn that we are on the verge of hunting of these creatures they were invented. And it is just the beginning. The truth is that, if the game is impossible to drop, all the devices around it will generate economic dependency and a kind of addiction behavior. Inevitable and worthy of thinking as social phenomena.

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Digital natives

The visual record through the subjectivity of the guys today and builds its framework reality, resignifying categories of space and time. The virtual and the real share the same territory. Intervenes sight, touch also mediated the screen. This activates a sensitivity of itself, different.

Its intuitive relationship with technology -better than their parents in many cases reverses the hierarchy of knowledge and gives the guys a differentiator status. According to the consulting Trendsity, they “want their consumption can be customizable and allow them the possibility of co-creating reality, to make their voices heard and participate. In a sense, theywant to capture in their consumption achieved autonomy and fast learning ability, also as a way to promote their social reputation among peers. ” In short children refuse to be passive or fewer consumers than adults. The more I have, the more I learn, the more I stressed, I’m better. How real is this equation?

Living in a matrix!

According to Dr. Paul Slemenson , psychoanalyst, professor and member of the Board of Argentina Graduate School of Psychotherapy, the novelty is the mixture of virtual world with the real by superimposing the images of both and merge. “As the images of the virtual world have much resemblance to both the world of fantasy and the dreams or hallucinations, this mixture between the two worlds has something of the appeal of the terrifying daydreams and hallucinations. In cinema and 3D movies it produces something similar, but it is clear that we are watching a movie.The separation between fantasy and reality is sharp, clear. But if you ‘re hunting imaginary objects in the real world or training them , and discrimination is not as clear. If this is possible, it is perhaps also realize our fantasies freeing the painful limits of the material reality. ”

Tips for Parents

The Minister of Education of the City of Buenos Aires sanctions urged students play in class Pokémon Go. Television abound and recommendations to the Spanish National Police issued a Decalogue of recommendations for parents whose children play in augmented reality. InEntremujeres we summarize some recommendations for you to consider if your children are budding hunters:

  1. Alerting the boys about downloading the application in official stores so they are not victims of possible virus.
  2. Be aware of the consumption of the boys: many extras elements of the game require a micropayment or credit card payments.
  3. Recommend ALWAYS stay in the real world.Waring street crossings, traffic lights, cars, pedestrians and objects in the way.
  4. Prevent on possible sanctions by playing at school.
  5. The app includes a geolocation system, so it is not suitable for children left alone or in dangerous places, this tool can be misused by cyber criminals.
  6. Set limits on the consumption of “accessories” for the game.
  7. Accompany guys pokelugares not let go alone.Respect the family spaces scatter to share other games.
  8. To prevent the possibility of addiction, so that the world willnot flatten or reduce the virtual hunt.

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